About BehindTheSTEAHM

BehindTheSTEAHM is a  non-profit organization with the mission to demystify misconceptions of various field that is seen through public opinion, along with misconceptions of the public seen through the lens of experts. Every field and subject has its foundations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Humanities and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.H.M.)  and with great success these areas have improved our understanding of each other and the world. But with the increase access to information coming from the field and subfields (Ex. medicine, geology, and politics), there has been a lack of addressing the factuality of information that comes from multiple mediums. Information is what drives understanding and knowledge and with heavily opiniated unfactual thoughts, it has created a wedge in our society. 

This is a platform to address this issue, by having the public and experts engage with one another through webinars, workshops, and conferences, the public and experts learn from one another, collaborate, and create solutions that will not only factual and unfactual information, but also change the way society views these fields and disciplines.


BehindTheSTEAHM invites educators, scientist, science communicators, politicians, students, business owners, artist, politicians, health professionals, and anyone who benefits from S.T.E.A.H.M. to come and engage with one another under one roof to improve ourselves, our understanding, our society!