De'Marcus Robinson
Is the founder of BehindtheSTEAHM. He envisioned a need to dismantle  misinformations while addressing issue through communication and collaboration between experts and the public. Robinson is a native of Atlanta Georgia, and graduate of Florida A&M University, Robinson is currently a PhD student at UCLA and a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc., and ReadyToHelp, a mutual aid founded in Los Angeles, California.
His motto:
"People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of" -The Alchemist


Steve Dunwoody

Public Affairs Consultant/Advisor 

Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg PhD

Florida A&M University School of The Environment


National Technical Association 


Dj Yousavich


Ashlyn Ford

Chief Financial Officer of BehindTheSTEAHM

Is a PhD student at UCLA studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. More specifically her research involves assessing the health of marine ecosystems and evaluating how infectious diseases are impacting different aspects of marine communities. She received her BS in Environmental Science at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2017. 


Tiara Wicks

Secretary of BehindTheSTEAHM

Tiara is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in the B.S Business Administration degree program with a concentration in Business Technology.  Her main interests are entrepreneurship, business analytics, engineering, and performing arts. Currently, she is building two small business and conducting health care analytics research.


DJ is a PhD students at UCLA studying deep sea chemistry and microbiology. He received his MS in geology from Cal State LA where he studied green enngineering solutions to heavy metal pollution. He is involved in several reclamation and restoration efforts in the Los Angeles area and is passionate about environmental justice, science communication, and community engagement

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